This fertile crescent has got to be the dancing-est city in America.  -Kalamu Ya Salaam

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Celebrating the Soul of New Orleans




Buckjumping is a feature-length documentary about dance traditions in New Orleans, observing both their contemporary expression and abiding significance. The film follows six communities as they demonstrate ownership of the streets of New Orleans, commemorate their dead, forge community and find spiritual transcendence.



The history of New Orleans is a history of resistance and of music born against the backdrop of slavery and Jim Crow segregation. It is a history of dancing alongside death, of cultivating community in the face of violence and of a general refusal to conform to the bias, hierarchies and even temporal demands of the rest of the country. In fact, the city’s mere existence, with its defiant African and Caribbean traditions, maintained inside and despite of the fortress of White America, is itself a form of resistance.